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LearnEd Notebooks provides teachers and students with an innovative notebooking solution. We specialize in providing educators with a unique curriculum that allows you to break free from conventional methods of instruction and spend more time on labs and inquiry-based science. We provide the framework of an interactive notebook with the flexibility of teaching strategies that seamlessly integrate with each teacher’s own methods of instruction. Our complete programs include printed student notebooks, digital presentations, and access to teacher resources — each focusing on diverse learning styles and engaging instructional strategies.

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Last week we mentioned how utilizing interactive notebooks can make every teacher more effective. Now, let’s take it one step further. Many of our LearnEd teachers love combining interactive notebooking strategies with the LearnEd Notebooks. Integrating the two propels your classroom to a new level of success.


Before you get started, check out this video for a quick overview:

And here’s the step-by-step process:

  1. Choose your platform. By selecting a base notebook, you’re giving your students the ability to keep their work even more organized. Popular platforms include 3-ring binders (either the regular size or the mini), a composition notebook, or a folder with brads to secure the paper.
  2. Setup your notebook. Create a plan to map out your activities so your students can utilize the additional space for assignments and activities. Begin by extending the table of contents to include any additional activities you’ll be including with the unit. This step often inserts flowcharts, diagrams, lab activity reports, projects, or reflective writing.
  3. Cut and paste. Each LearnEd Notebook has a line near the seam so you can easily expand and anchor it into your base notebook. It can then be assembled in several ways:
    • Tape it at the seam
    • Hole punch at the seam
    • Staple at the seam (long-range stapler will work best!)

4. Let the fun begin! LearnEd Notebooks are designed to allow you to teach the way you want to teach, and by amplifying the system, your possibilities are (literally) endless. Here are a few of our favorite ideas, compiled by LearnEd teachers!


  • Mix up the activities by utilizing these strategies: create inquiry labs and activities; student-led projects; build scientific literacy; incorporate technology, art, engineering, and math; use problem-based learning; allow space for students to write, reflect, revisit, and renew.
  • Incorporate games: spark student interest and inspire friendly competition with vocabulary races, review activities, and flashcard matching.
  • Push the limits: help students conduct research, bust misconceptions, think creatively, investigate breakthroughs, discover STEM careers, and solve real-life problems.
  • Differentiate lessons: appeal to a variety of learning styles with individualized instruction through checks for understanding, focused review, highlighting key ideas, and engaging, exploring, and evaluating.

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post updated: October 6, 2016

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